Aircraft Structural Design and Composites Manufacture

Aerospace Sciences has extensive experience in the design of composite structures for Unmanned Aerial Systems and Helicopter Towed Arrays, both for the mining exploration industry.

Aerospace Sciences also has extensive experience in aircraft structural repair design and modification on the P-3C Orion, Bell 47 and C-47 types. This work has also included structural modification design associated with flight test instrumentation installations, structural investigations, and structural waiver preparation.

Aerospace Sciences have made extensive use of composites materials in the towed systems and Unmanned Aerial Systems as it allows for the fastest possible prototype fabrication at low weight, high strength, simple construction methods and cost effectiveness. The use of composites reduces the metallic parts count in these structures for airborne mining exploration applications.

Aerospace Sciences have extensive practical experience involving prototype fabrication and manufacture of these composite airframes and structures.

Aerospace Sciences engages its Design Support Network for specialised manufacturing of composite parts.

Carbon composite stabiliser wing
Carbon composite stabiliser wing
Electromagnetic towed array
Wing stabilised EM array with pod – carbon composite construction

Past Projects

UAV trainer at airfield
Tandem wing UAV – composite airframe
Wing proof load tests
Wing proof load tests

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