Flight Testing And Certification

UAV flight testing
Tandem wing UAS flight testing program

Jabiru flight testing
Jabiru J-160C certification flight testing CS-VLA

Flight testing the Chinook
CH-47D engine upgrade STC certification

LR-35 towed target flight testing

Aerospace Sciences has considerable experience in flight testing - ranging from Unmanned Aerial Systems, General Aviation aircraft certification, helicopter towed systems, and business jet towed targets and military P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft.

Flight testing tasks have involved the following:

Aerospace Sciences is Australia's leading authority for UAS testing and certification through applying its extensive experience and knowledge from manned certification programs.

Past Projects

Additionally through its Design Support Network, Aerospace Sciences can provide electrical, electronic, instrumentation, avionics and software systems development capabilities to support certification flight testing.

Boomerang certification flight testing
DW-200A Boomerang certification flight testing
FAR Part 23
P-3C stbd wing
P-3C – Stall testing

CIED detection flight tests
NATO – Airborne Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) detection flight demonstration
Ausroc II
Ausroc II launch

Pawnee laser altimeter installation
Laviasa Pawnee baseline flight test
P-3C Orion high stall speed investigation
P-3C Orion high stall speed investigation flight

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