Aerospace Engineering services

Aerospace Sciences provides aerospace engineering services ranging from design of airframe modifications through to design of complete air vehicle systems.

Aerospace Sciences has considerable experience in developing prototype systems, aircraft modifications and helicopter-towed arrays. It specialises in the development of prototype Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), equipment installations on various helicopters, helicopter-towed arrays and pods. The company has been responsible for the conceptual design, aerodynamics, structural design and composites manufacture of a range of specialised system prototypes.

Environmentally Responsible Aircraft

Aerospace Sciences is currently working on a revolutionary low drag Green Aircraft technology with Aerospace Flight Sciences.  This aircraft promises very low fuel/energy consumption and high transport efficiency. This design is well advanced with a subscale proof of concept vehicle presently being constructed. This 2 seat aircraft prototype is referred to as an Environmentally Responsible Aircraft (ERA), which promises 50% fuel savings at cruise speeds comparable to aircraft of the same weight and payload.

First flight of the scale prototype is planned for third quarter 2012.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Two UAS prototype systems have been produced by Aerospace Sciences, a reconfigurable Trainer UAS and a Tandem Wing Explorer UAS. The development of these UAS included the associated ground systems comprising the ground control station, datalinks, antenna arrays, flight displays and flight planning software.
UAS Trainer
Trainer UAV
Explorer UAS
Explorer tandem wing UAV

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Helicopter Towed Electro-Magnetic Arrays

The worlds' first successful towed Electro-Magnetic (EM) array was designed by Aerospace Sciences in consultation with a mining exploration Company client. Several versions have been developed and have seen service in Chile, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. The aerospace engineering services we provided covered design, analysis and flight testing.

Helicopter towed electromagnetic array
Prototype carbon composite towed EM array (“Hoist”)
Helicopter towed array

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Towed Pods

Aerospace Sciences have provided aerospace engineering design services in support of flight testing of helicopter towed pods.

Other towed body work has involved evaluation of towed target flight dynamics and behaviour using Learjet aircraft as the carriage aircraft.

Past Projects

Aerospace Sciences has a proven track record in developing prototype and experimental platforms having been involved other projects such as:

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