Aerodynamic Analysis and Design

wind tunnel testing
F/A-18 store separation wing tunnel testing
Aerospace Sciences has a strong background in platform design and aerodynamic analysis and utilises a range of aerodynamic software tools to aid this analysis process.

Aerodynamic analysis tools have included MISSILE DATCOM, NSWC, HyperCFD, Aerowindtunnel, AeroCp, AeroCFD and FinSim.

This software based aerodynamic design process is applied in conjunction with extensive practical experience in wind tunnel testing and flight testing.

Past wind tunnel test experience has included stores separation test programs, missile aerodynamics assessments, and flow visualisation studies using Schlieren, wool tuft and smoke flow methods for the Australian Defence Force.

In addition several aerodynamic investigation programs have been undertaken for non-Defence customers involving aerodynamic noise and vibration problems associated with helicopter-towed systems.

Aerospace Sciences has also undertaken a study into heavy vehicles (interstate trucks) aerodynamics to improvement fuel efficiency.

mk 82 GP store
Mk82 GP store oil flow visualisation

Past Projects

Mk82 GP store
Mk82 GP store at high angle of attack
Sounding rocket
Sounding rocket at Mach 2.8

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